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Hi, my name is Michael Jans. I’m president of Agency Revolution and Insurance Profit Systems. Together, with my team, we’ve been turning agents into millionaires for almost 20 years. I’ve coached and consulted with over 7500 agency principals throughout North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. I’ve written 23 courses, programs and books on insurance agency marketing and business strategy for agency owners. For the last 14 years, we’ve delivered internet based marketing tools to help insurance agents explode their business. Over 800 agencies have used our proprietary web-based marketing technologies, like ZipDrip, VidBiscuit and ProtectYouBetter to grow their agency. Now we make it all automatic – through Agency Revolution. Whether you want more clients, more revenue per client or to keep your clients longer, we can help you build the agency of your dreams.
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Nothing could be more annoying than purchasing a digital marketing system that doesn’t “talk” to your Agency Management System. That would require cumbersome manual labor to shovel information back and forth – always leaving you wondering if whether your system is really up-to-date. Our intimate knowledge of the industry’s Agency Management Systems, combined with proprietary interface make integration with your system virtually seamless – so you and your team can focus on your clients. Not on managing a whole new technology. Plus, with Agency Revolution, you and your staff isn’t forced to learn a cumbersome new CRM or buy an extra monitor for every desk. We’ll help you set up your Digital Marketing Calendar – and Agency Revolution runs your campaigns for you!

You want advertising copy and marketing campaigns that unleash the most powerful persuasion triggers possible. Nobody has created and delivered more money-making insurance marketing than Michael Jans and his team. We’ve created, critiqued and consulted on marketing in over 213 insurance niches – covering every conceivable aspect of personal lines, commercial lines, life and benefits. Clients routinely pay Michael $15,000 per day to learn how to apply his marketing strategies to their business – and up to $25,000 for advertising copy. Now you can get it all! More than 35 different campaigns with multiple sequential steps, integrating 11 different marketing media – each carefully selected for maximum strategic impact. Campaigns to attract prospects, convert them to clients, cross sell, boost retention, generate referrals, re-activate “lost souls,” welcome new clients, manage the claims process – and much, much more. You’ll look like a hero to your clients – and you’ll have more clients than you ever dreamed! Automatically!


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